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Hosta T Dawg will form a medium sized mound of about 15"-18" in height, with a spread of up to 30" at maturity. It that has green leaves with a yellow centre, divided by a white line. Colourful sport of Hosta Striptease but resembles more like Hosta Gypsy Rose. It has green leaves with a wider creamy white medial (centre) variegation than the mother plant. This cultivar forms a medium sized mound of slightly wavy, smooth textured foliage of average substance. It bears pale lavender flowers held on very straight 26" tall scapes, from mid-July into August. Can handle some direct sun where best colour shows. Fairly resistant to slugs & snails as well. A medium speed grower that will take 4 or more years to establish a mature size.


  • 16H x 30W in Inches

    40H x 75W in Centimeters


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