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Will be opening Friday May24th, 2024

Welcome to Hosta Heaven!

Your online store for Hostas
Our Story

After being away for 30 years, my husband Doug and I decided it was time to move back home to New Brunswick, Canada

We’ve both always been avid gardeners, we love growing perennials especially hostas and daylilies.  So, when we decided to move back, we knew we needed to find a property that was big enough that we could do what we loved best…grow hostas and daylilies.  So we settled just outside of Fredericton  were we began to build our dreams.

We grow many beautiful and sought after varieties of Hosta’s from Minis to Large to Giants. We wanted something for everyone whether a gardener, hobbyist or landscaper. They will see them all in their full mature splendour and how they would fit into their landscape, needs and designs.  We've also dedicated a complete garden to showcase all our beautiful "Hostas of the Year" that we have collected since  they began 1996.

We also have collected a large number and varieties of daylilies . We created a separate garden area to feature these beautiful perennials. They are nestled in a large rock garden with crushed stone paths to view all the sizes and colours with ease.

Year 2019 was our first year open for business, we’ve been working very hard the past two years, planting and growing  hostas and daylilies.  We have been busy building gardens and paths so we can showcase these beautiful plants.   We want to create a unique, personalized and beautiful serene setting that everyone will enjoy when they come and visit.

We do not have a physical storefront because we are a home-based operation.  We encourage you to come and visit our gardens, so please check our garden hours to make sure we are open.

We hope you enjoy your plants as much as we enjoy growing them, we look forward to seeing or hearing from you.

Brenda and Doug

Passionate about plants? So are we! We absolutely love Hosta's and Daylilies. Hosta Heaven is a grower that discovers, grows and sells plants for your gardens and pleasure. We’re your online gardening resource for Hosta plant info and inspiration to help you have the garden of your dreams.

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